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About Me

Hello, welcome to my world of Glamour Goddess Fashions for dolls, specializing in glamorous, ritzy, elegant, haute couture, bridal, ball gowns, and reproductions for fashion dolls.

I live near Phoenix with my husband and 3 children.   As a child I lived in Europe and Canada , in some of the world’s most beautiful cities, and experienced many interesting cultures.  But my favorite place was Vienna .  What a city!  The history, the culture and the fashions!   I lived there, during a time when women dressed up to go to the theatre, opera at the Vienna State Opera, walks and rides in carriages in The Prater, shopping on Maria Hilferstrasse, dining at the Sasher Hotel, where my mother worked, had their hair done up in an up do on a regular basis, and my love for Classical music, Straus Waltzes and ballet was born.  My inspirations for fashion have come from that and the different parts of the world.  I particularly love Hollywood glamour glitter and flash from the 30’s to 50’s era ….oh and did I mention the Parisian Houte Couture?   I love beautiful clothes, fabrics that feel sensual to the touch, Italian lace, luxurious satins that flow like liquid on your skin, chiffon, pearls, crystals, ostrich feathers which is what I like working with my designs,. And I love old movies.  Some of my favorites are Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake , Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo, and many others who exhibited class, glamour and mystery, in which I try to project into my designs.  My inspiration comes from that era, my background, and most my imagination.



I believe in perfection, detail and quality over quantity.

I love art in many forms, and have displayed an artistic talent from childhood.  I was always drawing and sewing.  Being raised in a home of artists, seamstress, sculptor, musician and oil painter has given me an interest to oil paint myself.  You can view my art in my gallery.  I have sewn off and on for years for adults and children and costumes, until I discovered the magic of sewing for dolls.

This world of dolls and fashions is an absolute fantasyland in which I can get lost and dream in.

I hope you enjoy my designs and enjoy your visit to my world of Glamour Goddess fashions.  We all need a little glamour in our lives!

I will periodically update with new fashions so stay in touch!



All my fashions come packaged in a customed theme box.